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Webinar Series

The Jewish Diaspora's Destiny

Series of 10 exclusive webinars presented by leading experts

History of the Jewish Diaspora

Episode 1: Learn how, why, when and where the Jewish Diaspora came into being. This episode delves deep into the underlying circumstances that evolved into creating a global community that has consequences still resonating today.

Highlights of the Diaspora

Episode 2: This episode looks at the  highlights of the Jewish Diaspora over an expanse of time. Additionally, it discusses how the Diaspora acts as a magnet for many Israeli’s leaving their homes for the hope of a better life overseas, while maintaining connections to Israel.

Descent into hell

Episode 3: The fate of countless Jews living in the Diaspora is widely known. A successful author discusses how one large Jewish community living in peaceful harmony with their Gentile neighbors had their world annihilated.

Is Diaspora the new Jewish Homeland

Episode 4: As the Jewish presence in the Diaspora expands further in time away from its source in Israel, questions of identity plays a critical role in Jewish lives. We discuss to what extent the Diaspora has become a new homeland.

Fate of previous replacements of Jerusalem

Episode 5: This episodes takes the previous one, a step further. History has many examples of a Jewish community regarding themselves as the new Jerusalem, the heart of the Jewish nation. How has this worked out?

Relevance of the Jewish Diaspora today

Episode 6: Jewish life in the Diaspora has evolved to the extent that the majority are born into a reality far removed from the source of their original existence there. This raises the question pertaining to the very relevance of the Jewish Diaspora today

Zionism or Anti-Semitism effecting Diaspora

Episode 7: The issue of anti-Semitism verse anti-Zionism has become a double edged sword in the Diaspora. Media reports of Jews turning their back on Israel, whilst simultaneously being subject to anti-Semitism is a thorny issue to discuss.

Reports from the Jewish Diaspora and Israel

Episode 8: We examine reports from around the Jewish Diaspora and Israel in relation to our main topic about the Jewish Diaspora’s Destiny. The question of being better or worse off in either place is caringly explored.

Jewish Diaspora and Israel revisted

Episode 9: As this series reaches its ultimate conclusion, our presenters revisit the relationship between Israel and the Jewish Diaspora in light of all that we previously discussed, while also adding new light on the topic.

Where is the Jewish Diaspora heading

Episode 10: The finale promises to be an exciting and dynamic presentation. Biblical and secular sources are both investigated, together with findings from previous episodes to reach an answer about the Jewish Diaspora’s Destiny.

Yisrael Medad

Series Director

Yisrael Medad is an American born Israeli journalist and author. He was director of Educational Programming and Information resources at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center until June 2017, and has retired from that position. He is now engaged in editing an English language annotated anthology of Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s writings. He has been a frequent guest speaker and journalist on media outlets around the world, including the BBC, International Herald Tribune, Jerusalem Post, Los Angeles Times, and CNN. Israel holds a BA in political science and a Master’s degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specializing in Civic and Democracy Education. He served as a parliamentary aide in the Knesset, Senior Assistance to the Deputy Minister of Science, and as an Advisor of International Affairs to a cabinet minister in Israel’s Government.