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Revival Project

The Revival Project encourages Jews worldwide to participate in Israel’s renewal in a spirit of mutual celebration, rising above political and religious differences. The spotlight on Israel’s Revival Anniversary Year offers a Ray of Hope by rekindling bonds between Israel and Diaspora Jews, including its valued supporters worldwide.

The project’s two event related components are the Ray of Hope (Israel’s Revival Anniversary Year) and the Revival Trail leading to this Diamond Jubilee.  Each component is managed by the Israel Diamond Jubilee Association (IDJA). The Diaspora Trail (aligned with the Revival Trail) is the key to making the Revival Project a well deserved success.  


Israel Diamond Jubilee Association (IDJA) provides the steering function to help the Revival Project reach its lofty goals. It comprises of prominent government and industry representatives. Visit the IDJA.   

Revival Trail

The Revival Trail is the media platform for all events and activities leading up to, and including, Israel’s Diamond Jubilee in 2023 that subscribe to the ideals of the Revival Theme. Visit Revival Trail.

Ray of Hope

Revival Anniversary Year (RAY) stands for the State of Israel’s Diamond Jubilee in 2023. Under the slogan of Ray of Hope, it provides the catalyst for promoting the Revival Theme well beyond this celebratory occassion.