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Biblical Tour


With our Biblical Adventure Tour, Discoverer’s Trail has ventured well beyond the borders of traditionally accepted natural landmarks. Discover the Holy Land, the world’s most spiritually energized location, as never seen before!.

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Day 1

Our arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport  is a gentle descent into a hidden paradise. Following a meet and greet at the airport, we will be transferred to a luxurious hotel, in itself a desirable destination. The evening will be one of orientation and meeting fellow travel companions over a sumptuous, healthy dinner. The mood is set for the coming days ahead.

 Day 2

Why can’t we shake off this feeling that we’re continuously in the process of starting our journey? Well, we are! But the road ahead demands us to be at the peak of our educational knowledge. So enough said and now we’ll plunge deeper into this exciting stage of our trail.Abraham entered the Holy Land from the north of the country, which is where we’re heading. On the way, we visit Caesarea from where Paul the Apostle began his journey into Roman captivity. Next stop is Acre, where the Templar Knights built an amazing underground city. But what of the present day inhabitants of this spectacular country?The Druze harbours a secret tradition of alliance with the children of Israel that can be traced back to the Prophet Moses. We get to not only share in their incredible story, but also get treated to an exotic lunch with them. This is followed by a revealing get together with a genuine Jewish immigrant family. This fabulous day includes seeing the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the inland beauty of Israel.Coastal NorthOur Fabulous Trail Continues North

Day 3

Unbridled luxury and pampering of our body and soul is not enough to gain the comprehensive healing process so readily deserved and essential for our well-being. The Holy Land’s southern region known as the Arava, includes the Desert of Zin, so often mentioned in the bible related to the children of Israel’s exodus. How did they sustain themselves through that 40 year ordeal, and even emerge as a nation fitting to enter and possess their Promised Land? We literally gain an overview of their ancient journey, traveling by helicopter at an eagle’s height above the mystical Negev Desert.

Our next destination after lunch is the world renowned Spice Trade Route. Of course that would also whet our appetite to learn the secrets of desert inspired natural cosmetics! By now we should be feeling that natural glow, but nature has one more secret in store for this busy but relaxing day. Seeing the desert sunset from Israel’s own smaller version of the Grand Canyon is an inspiring sight. Yet, can there be even more to top off a wonderful day? Star Gazing in the desert can be an incredible experience anywhere in the world, but Discoverer’s Tour offers a unique biblically inspired insight into our vast cosmos. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s just say that seeing is believing.  Make sure to book early to avoid disappointment.

Day 4

Glamping is one of those new expressions that sadly never made it into the lexicon for earlier generations. It stands for luxurious camping. One can understandably ask, why bother? Well an overnight desert experience under an endless expanse of stars cannot be readily experienced from an enclosed hotel bedroom suite. So take an exquisitely glamorous hotel room and magically transport it into a set of Alibaba under the desert night sky, and, oh well I hope you get the picture? 

With the above fantasy in mind we can awaken both our body and soul, after a deep and comfortable sleep, by undertaking a sunrise desert Chi-Do session, hosted by the ever radiant Bernice. Breakfast and our departure to the next truly amazing destination is next on the agenda. By now we’re transformed into discoverers and can’t wait for the next adventure.

Desert Daughter sounds mystical enough, and add Bedouin healing into the mix and we can be excused for wondering whether we have advanced in our civilised world, at least as far as holistic health is concerned.  Don’t worry if you are also drifting into a time capsule mode. It will immensely help when we share a unique healthy and tasty meal with a tribe of  past cave dwellers, we’ll leave its location as a carefully guarded secret for the time being, but rest assured that your personal well being and comfort, at all times, is a given!

Well it’s on to the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea, and not just the average tourist sites only, which of course are included. Be prepared for exclusive insights and amazing experiences only available on this Holy Land Holistic Tour. An inner awakening to the full potential of your well-being will be shared following an invitation to look further into what this 15 day tour has to offer.

Included: Return Flights From Selected Airports, Accommodation, Entrance Fees, Licensed Guiding, Most Meals, Transportation.

  • Not Included: Personal Expenses, Tips, Travel Insurance & Medical Expenses.


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