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Diaspora Trail warmly welcomes correspondence from our friends across the world

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Listed live events display online information. Otherwise, all Diaspora Trail events and activities, including other exhibitions taking place on our website has access continuously available.

    Diaspora Trail together with its authorized partners provides numerous free events and activities. Any admission costs will be clearly advertised.  

    There are rare circumstances whereby invited guests will be able to receive preferential treatment, which mainly applies to live events and activities. However, the majority of admissions relates to online activities that are accessed on an individual basis.

    Some live and online events will include full price admission, e.g. celebrity performances, movie releases, etc. There will be occasional ‘specials’ offered. Bear in mind that Diaspora Trail also promotes events that are hosted elsewhere and therefore subject to third party admission criteria.       

    Diaspora Trail participants come from across political, religious and cultural divides. However, for all events and activities related to the Revival Theme, which the Diaspora Trail promotes, this common denominator takes precedence. 

    The Revival Theme promotes the strengthening of bonds between Jews in the Diaspora and Israel. It focuses on Israel’s Diamond Jubilee, encouraging participants to come together for its celebrations, free of political or religious prejudice. This theme is also extended to non-Jewish friends and supporters worldwide.    

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